.....Most of the black-and-white illustrations used on this blog are the work of Gustave Dore, a wonderful Alsacian (French) artist from the 19th century who specialized in book illustrations. They are now public domain. They have been scanned and made available free online by Felix Just, S.J. His complete gallery can be viewed by clicking here.
....When you view his gallery, you'll see that some of those scans have been modified for special use on this blog. This is the handiwork of my lovely wife Nancy, who is a suberb professional graphic artist! (Nancy has created hundreds of book covers for well-known Christian authors, and created the banner for this blog.) Since we freely received this work from Dore and Professor Just, we have no problem with others using our artwork freely as well. Just give the glory to God!
.... Also, if you would like to see a much fuller gallery of Dore's illustrations, including the entire Old Testament (though the images are not quite as sharp,) try visiting another Dore Gallery by clicking here.


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